Out of ashes

I begin this with the hopes that you
Hear me, with no prejudice close your eyes so you can see clearly.

I am what I decide to be
Will my words Be tamed
This is as it is written it will long remain
Tears, fear for myself for those I consider dear

Hope you can comprehend me
Yes I’ve strayed but only my god can condemn me.
This is my time I tell you
The prodigal son is here.
I cried, I tried, refuse to let my fury subside
I fight and percevere.

I made my pressence known
Nobody believed in my eventual rise
While I spoke of it most made me a rumor
Turned me into a lie

Little do you realize that only ignites my
Will to survive
After the flames have consumed all that’s left is ashes
But out of ashes I rise

By: Jose Serrano



Published by: hustlerdiariez @gmail.com

I write from the depths of my heart. Fathoms beneath the surface I speak with a voice so powerful it can move an unstoppable force and halt an unmovable object. Hope you enjoy reading.

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