Help me

Help me
Dear father I humbly ask for your forgiveness
I know I’m a sinner you see I have many things that trouble me and it is these that I want to relinquish.

They say faith alone can move mountains
but I believe faith can give you wings once You have found it
Never known what it’s like to be secured, to be grounded
I am like the fool who built a house on sand but my soul on the rock of good was founded

My faith has gone astray
I don’t know if you hear as I pray
Or the words I have to say
My fear is that we lose contact
I just can’t seem to brake these shackles that keep me a slave

I’m in bondage. Why hath thou forsaken me
I called out for you but you never responded.
I live in fear and I no longer want this

I know these are feelings and this too shall pass.
My soul is in danger, My pain reaches deep, much
Deeper than it ever has.

I feel tired, weak and thirsty
I know I am a sinner and am unworthy
But if you love me than why let me go on hurting

I know I have to show courage
I know I have to show strength
You say keep faith and believe
Yet you know not what it feels like
To need love, shed tears, or bleed.
Let alone know hunger or grieve.
So than if you know nothing of these
How than can you comfort me.

Hustlerdiariez/ by Jose Serrano