As she slept

As she slept

I saw the night in a new and beautiful
Meaning. As she slept I knew I was
Awakened and taken to a state of

It was bliss, it was pleasure, night
Was present and the shadows of
Of our bodies dancing together
Was an experience not easily
Measured because there’s not
Been anything like it.
As she slept I realized
That in darkness, she was what light is
Maybe as she slept she knew what
She has given is instruction and

As she slept she was beautiful
I hope she remembers or is
Some how reminded. That beauty
Is all around us everywhere we
Find it. Darkness no longer
means I am blinded.

As she slept I think I understood.
I ask only that when she dreams
Her dreams are good.
As she slept I knew I would
Help if I could.

As she slept she was peaceful.
A shield maiden with no challenge
And no equal.
An original not sequel.

By: Jose Serrano

For my beloved Tiger Lily


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