Innocence lost

Innocence Lost

Brought me in to endure procedures
That I have come despise.
Deemed a delinquent, a danger,
A menace to society’s delicate design.

Frustrated by the fact that the
Charges against me are lies.
Hope has been stripped and
Due process is a farse,
A phasad it’s been compromised.

Humiliated, belittled, and mistreated.
Every day since I was detained
Over and over its been repeated.

Is it any wonder then how I’ve come
To be possessed by wrath,
ire and Rage.
Makes me an animal yet I am
To blame.

Introduce me to hate,
I am hate trapped in a cage.
Justice is fake, a phasad
This is how innocence was lost.

Captured, taken against my will.
My life altered in a second,
Time since that moment remains still.
Brought before the self-righteous
To face false accusations.
Treacherous counsel is what I have
To represent my interest during
Litigations. Innocence lost
As I find myself behind incarceration

Constantly ask myself when this
Injustice will find its ending.
My god is my judge, but its men
That have condemned me.

Behind lies and an alleged victim
That lacks ethical conviction.
My innocence lost to this
Corrupt crooked system.

From the confines of a prison cell

Jose Serrano

This was written in the L.A. County
Jail. I composed it while fighting my
Case. I was sent to prison on bogus
Charges. I had become a high priority
Target of the North Hollywood Police Department. They could never
Catch me with the narcotics they
Knew I had. So they planted it and
Filed false charges against me.
I believed in justice, justice is a joke. Anyways I’m home now. I will be posting poems from my time In prison. I hope you enjoy.
Thanks for reading.