If you love me

If you love me,
Than let it be with all your heart.
Let it be without reservations.
Without a false sense of control.
If you love me.
Love me with all of your soul.

My love for you does not differ,
And it knows only to bloom.
When others succumb and wither,
If you love me please consider
My words, for they come from
A secret place where only you
And I know the way.

If you love me,
Love me without resentments.
If you love me,
Love me with a love that is selfless
If you love me,
Love me with out restraints
If you love me,
Love me as I have loved you
And let love take the place of pain

Hold on to nothing but the moment
For everything is fleeting
Enjoy it while its within your reach
Only smiles and joy are worth repeating.

If you love me,
Love me and do not doubt me
If you love me
Look towards the promise of a brighter tomorrow.
Do this I ask, I beg only
If you love me

By: Jose Serrano