Don’t Need You

Don’t need you

You believed I would crawl.
You believed I would stumble.
You thought I would fall.
and my foundations would crumble.
I withstood and stood tall.

I received everything you gave me.
You assumed I would beg.
Presumed it would break me
I see how much I was wronged.
And only stronger it made me.

You laid waste and in your wake
I was left with nothing but ruin and rubble.
Rebuilt myself and this proves my
Strength is now doubled.

You claim to care yet you do not
Realize the influence of your lies
Growing weaker.
You can continue your assault
I’ve become my own keeper.
I can see through the falseness of your
You believe I have a need for you
It’s only a mirage.

You can threaten to leave and
attempt to reject me.
I’ve already walked away so
It doesn’t affect me.

Deep down you’re the one that is weak
Deep down you’re the one that knows
I can read you You can pretend you’re okay And say you don’t care
But inside it kills you to know
I don’t need you.

By: Jose Serrano

From the confines of a prison cell.