The Promise

The promise

Let not your heart be troubled nor let it be afraid.
I was with you in the past.
I will be there today.
I will be there tomorrow
i will also be there through your sorrow.

I will give you comfort in times of grief
And help you find relief.
If its done than it will be according to your belief.
Instead of focusing on what you want Focus on what u need

Do not doubt and let your heart give way to despair.
Believe when I say I’m never far because I’m always there i know you inside and out and my support is something u will never go without.

When you fall it is I who will pick you back up
If you are injured it is I who will be your crutch
Your broken spirit I will nourish”
To your fearful heart I will give courage.
I am the voice of reason In times of madness.
I am the reason you smile in times of sadness.

If you are lonely, I will befriend you.
If you are broken I will mend you
If you are weak I will defend you
If you are lost I will receive you
From any and all pain I will heal you.

So I will be yours through faith.
Tell me what you require to smile
And it will be provided.
Love, you will never be denied it.
I promise

By: Jose Serrano

From the confines of a prison cell