I didn’t fall through darkness and fire
Just To relinquish my desire.
I didn’t pass through this court
And trial to be constantly arrested.

Sufficient is the test that today brings.
Never always doubting the ending.
That is supposed to be secure.
Always skeptical and your pain is pure.

Honesty doesn’t come my way often.
When it does it just brings crosses
I find that I’m at a loss if I continue
To fight and wage this war of attrition.
So my prayer is my petition for the remission Of my sin.
My soul is not worthy of entering
heaven in the condition it’s in.
How I wish I could return to innocence.

Before the chaos and crime
The progression of a corrupt mind
Is always in toil for the fruits of it
Are spoiled.
Negative give and negative get
Now the demon in me you’ve met

Preordained is the climax that is awaited.
The culmination of accumulation and the shame of the proud when they become humiliated.

All too often do all these things occur yet denial is present and the truth
Is obscured.

By: Jose Serrano