No return

I’m here at the point of no return, I’ve been pushed to edge.
I remember every time you cut me and all the lies that you said.
Well this is the truth And loudly speak it. If this is love than take it back, i dont want it just keep it

I know it’s going to happen, you say things. That you have no intention of keeping. My love and affection isn’t enough because in other people these I know you are seeking.

I am there when you call I’m there when you need me.
You never answer when I call always by myself in the dark you leave me.
You have no concern of how this affects me. I’m sick of how much you continue To abuse and Neglect me.

I used to want you, now I wish that you left me. You tell me you are sorry but never Have you asked for forgiveness.
A perfect picture by you was
Was sketched up and painted.
Now it’s all fucked up and tainted.

You say so many things that are hard
To believe. I love you, I need you
But I don’t know why I continue
To See you. I see it for what is.
I surrender so much and nothing
It gives. This is no way to live.

I don’t know why I just can’t walk away
Is it because you depict and portray
Better days that lay just ahead
Today was hard, today I bled.
Today I would like to forget all
That transpired the events ignite
All kinds of fires, some are savage,
Some are wild. I can only retire or expire

By: Jose Serrano. 7-14-13