My love

My love was stronger than the truth.
The truth that was always in the open
My love lived through the belief that
There is hope in the one chosen.

My love shined brighter than any
Star we see in the night sky.
How you failed to see it
I do not care to know, only a blind
Eye could have missed its glow.

My love was stronger than any
Chain that holds captives in bondage.
My love was pure, sincere and
Knew nothing of nonsense.

My love was the breeze that brings
A moment of relief when faced with
An unbearable heat.

My love was life in the moment of death.
My love was times of plenty when non was left.
My love was the gift to the cursed
When by grace they are blessed.
My love was the truth when lies
Are confessed.

My love was the laughter that smiled
Through the times of unbearable pain.
My love was the shelter that was built
For you to get out of the rain.

My love was the child of a new soul
Manifested with the purpose
Of giving without asking for anything
In return.
My love was the flame That did not know when to stop its burn

My love was the most beautiful
Thing to have lived.
My love was strong enough to
Forgive and forgive.

I do not know why but my love
Will never be. My love was once
A love that would never leave.
My love has left me and I forever

To the end my love

By: Jose Serramo