Letter to my sons

I wanted to share something with you.
It’s not much but it’s all I have for now.
To you it might not seem like much. Later On in life when you have children of your Own you will understand.
I love you so so much and what I have
For you is exactly that.

I want to let you know that no
Matter what, no matter the distance
Or how much time passes it will always
Be the same. I love you without restriction or conditions.

I will one day pass into another existence. That doesn’t mean
I will be permanently away from you.
It only means I will be permanently with you. Life is energy, love is energy.
Energy doesn’t die only evolves and
Transforms. Love is the is the only thing
We take with us. And love should be the
only thing we hold on to.

Do not hold on to the bitterness or
Sadness. Fear and pain, let go of these.
They will only poison you.

Make the most out of life
The day that I was blessed to have
You come into my life. I knew I had
Made the most out of mine.

By: Jose Serrano

From the confines of a prison cell

Written for my children
Jonah, Andrew, Damien