In my cell

I have come to understand much about
Myself. For years I have not given
Credit where credit has been due.
This I speak in regards to myself.

Some travel and search the ends
Of the earth to find and discover
What has always been in plain sight.
Sadly some spend the most precious
Resource that life apportions. Which
I believe to be time.

Futile is their search.
The pursuit is frivolous unfruitful
And in vain.

Against my will to the confines of
A prison cell I came. In front of this
Dimly lit mirror I stared only to find
That it reflected what had long ago
Been lost and forgotten.

Days and nights passed and the
Image became clearer and ever more
Focused. Standing in front of the same
Mirror in complete darkness I recognize
The reflection before me. I have discovered myself and found self worth.
That in itself has set me free.

By: Jose Serrano


From the confines of a prison cell