Forever cannot be measured.
It cannot be captured.
It is the beginning without ending.
It’s own perpetual master.

It is a true constant always sovereign,
Of which there is little concept.
It reigns unchallenged, unchecked, monstrous.
It’s depths unfathomable out of reach,
Out of grasp.
It answers to no one and of none does it ask

In battle it meets no equal.
What can possibly put up a worthy resistance.
It calls for no aid because it will out live existence.
It is eons, epochs, millennia, centuries, decades,
Years, months, and days.

It has been and will be after the remembrance
Of its many names
Decay and forever fade.

Forever is eternal, immortal.
Ageless in revealing.
A life is something so irrelevant yet all
The more precious because it is all so fleeting.

It’s origins are unimaginably distant.
Our lives are but a fraction, only an instant.
Forever is now.
We will only glimpse it.

By: Jose Serrano

From the confines of a prison cell.