Before the storm

Before the storm approached us
We were beautiful and nothing reproached us.

Before the first clouds
Began to set upon us, we were kind,
We were honest.

For each other our
Hearts labored. Before all the tears.
In each other we found favor.

So many
Worth while things in which we found pleasure.
All the smiles, all the moments that I will always treasure.

Lightning begins to crash around us and blinds our weary eyes.
Little did we know that this storm would change our very lives.

When the first drops of heaven began
Falling, we thought little of it.
The love was there, there was nothing greater or above it.

The winds picked up and the rain increased its fury.
Only then did we care to worry.

Our structure failed and the
Storm was all the more relentless.
We would not forget this night, we were beaten senseless.

Our love, our devotion to us had sufficed.
Life thought to test us and we payed the price.

Every Garden needs tending.
Every break requires mending.
Relationship too are like these in that they need both parties to commit to the fortifying and defending of one another if the other is bending.

Before the night was over our love, our hope lay in complete destruction.
Our defeat was total and we fell into

Once inseparable now we hardly come together. Fell victims of the storm and I still hope for better weather.

By: Jose Serrano……From a heart broken